aps rectify past mistakes▓, last week Facebook announced a partnership with the Associated Press (AP) aimed at debunking "false and misleading stories" related to the upcoming mid-term elections in the United States.The main mark▓ets targeted by are the advertising m

arket, media and s▓ocial media organizations, governments or non-governme

ntal organizations.The advertising market is perhaps most lucrative, but also mo▓st vulnerable to fake news.Clickbait, content which is meant to attract att▓ention and more clicks is leading source of malicious content.The "click performance ▓model" provides a huge incentive for 

publishing information that is not entirely true but attracts web traffic

."What▓ we are trying to do is to cut the channel between the advertising networks and fak▓e news movers," Levi explained ad▓ding "once they don't have the incentive, we hope▓ they will move forward to other ventures."Whether advertisers will be willing to give up on traffic in o

rder to enhance thei▓r credibility remains a question.A study published▓ j

ust days ago by the Massachusetts Instit▓ute of Technology's (MIT) Media Lab foun▓d that false news was 70 percent more likely to be retweeted than true news.The study said thi

s was more likely ▓partly due to the linguistic features that's algorithm also uses to identify such content.Levi declined to g▓ive names of firms working with,

sible to reach."We don't
▓know where the glass ceiling is yet,?/span>

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only saying he has clients in the social media and advertising market. He mentioned also working pro bono with certain fact checking organizations.Israeli finan▓cial newspaper Calcalist recently repo▓rted that the European Union (EU) is using the software to target fake news and misinformation circulating on the web.With fakes news not going away, there is clea▓rly in need for means to target it and ▓reduce its scope.Please scan th▓e QR Code to follow us on InstagramPl▓ease scan the QR Code to follow us▓ on WechatSeven out of ten new Audi S▓UV models to be produc

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ed in China: CEOSeven out of ten new Audi SUV models to be▓ produced in China: CEOSeven out of ten new Audi SUV models to be produced in China: CEO03-16-▓2018 17:58 BJTINGOLSTADT, Germany, March 15 (Xinhua)




-- German carmaker Audi will launch 10 new SUV models for the Chinese market i▓n the coming five years, seven of whi

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